Three Greens – Night Hawk Rye IIPA

As soon as I saw the can, my eagle eye spotted the aviation connection with this mob and I did indeed have it confirmed that 2 are airline guys and 1 is a space geek. The guys have been ‘gypsy brewing’ from Cavalier’s Derrimut and have a Pilot HQ at Moonee Ponds where they’ve been growing their own hops. These guys are committed to Melbourne, and try to source everything they need locally, T-shirts, labelling and even slab cartons are all produced locally. I’ll leave it to the reader to explore the meaning of Three Greens.

A double IPA at 7.5%, Night Hawk has a fair old punch to it. It’s hoppy but still well balanced, spiced by the rye malt and pours a deep copper colour. It’s something I’d definitely want to try again and can’t wait to see what else these guys release.

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