Tallboy & Moose

Recently, Beer Out West paid a fleeting visit to Tallboy & Moose to check out a few beers and sample the delights from the Wee Man’s Kitchen. The two beers we went for were the Razzlepuff and Moosemilk.

Razzlepuff is a 3.5% raspberry infused lactose oat ale. I expected this to be rather more sour than it actually was, the berry aromas and taste is defintately prominent – if you’re not a fan of the hops, then this is one to try.

For those that aren’t in the know already, Moose Milk is a Canadian ‘cocktail’ which I’m reliably informed contains Whisky, Kahlua, milk, maple syrup, and nutmeg. The beer on the other hand is a variation on that same theme, a 5.4% stout, dark and very toasty, perhaps even coffee tasting to start with followed by some rather delicious maple syrup sweetness.

So we know the beers are good. What about the food?

The on site catering is provided by Wee Man’s Kitchen and gives Scottish scran a very modern twist. We simply couldn’t decide which dishes looked the best so we did what anyone would do and order lots of dishes. If you you’re on a calorie controlled diet, this place probably isn’t for you but if you like good quality, hearty grub then get on in there.

Short URL: http://tryth.is/p7erh
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