Garage Project – Cereal Milk Stout

Wellington based brewer Garage Project have affectionately given this 4.7% beer the tagline ‘Breakfast of Champions’. Obviously we wouldn’t encourage any of our readers to start substituting their granola and yoghurt for a stout. Think of it more of a comforting late night snack…a cheeky bowl of milk drenched cornflakes after getting home from a night out.

That’s said, it’s quite weird to be reminiscing about breakfast cereals late into the evening. The beer is delivered in a 355ml Nitro Infused Can, which has a sticker on the top with some very specific instructions on what to do prior to cracking the lid, and how to pour it with best effect.

The beer is a smooth and very sessionable milk stout that’s been brewed with chocolate wheat malt, lactose, oats, sugar and cornflakes (of course).

Overall, the breakfast part came across as a bit of a gimmick, the sweetness and cereal taste wasn’t really as bold as it could’ve been. The magic is probably in the perfect pouring technique, but how many are likely to achieve this. Take the breakfast cereal branding away and it’s actually just a decent, smooth drinking milk stout.

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